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타즈마니아의 세계유산들을 만나고 열대우림, 타즈마니아에서 가장 높은 폭포 그리고 크래들마운틴까지 2박3일 동안 완벽하게 즐기자 !


호바트 출발 - 런세스턴 종료 2박3일 서쪽으로 가는 완벽한 투어


호바트에서 아침 일찍 시작하기에 하루 전 날 도착해주셔야하며,

마지막 날 런세스턴에서 오후 5시쯤 도착예정입니다.


[ 투어 포함 사항 ]

  • 기본 도미토리 숙소 (업그레이드가능)
  • 귀엽고 재밌는 타즈매니아 전문 가이드
  • 국립공원 입장료


[ 투어 하이라이트 ]

  • Russell Falls & Mount Field National Park
  • Lake St Clair
  • Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area
  • Queenstown
  • Strahan
  • Henty Dunes
  • Montezuma Falls
  • Cradle Mountain
  • The Town of Murals (Sheffield)
  • Honey Tasting
  • Salmon Tasting


해당 투어는 외국인투어가이드 여행입니다.

뚜벅이 타즈매니아 2박 3일 Wild West Coast

  • Day 1

    • Mt Field National Park & Russell Falls
    • Lake St Clair
    • Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area

    The majestic rainforests of Mount Field National Park and beautiful Russell Falls kick off our Wild West experience. If you’ve come to see wildlife, your guide will point out animals that are only found in Tasmania, such as the very cute Pademelon.

    Continuing north we visit the hydro-electric town of Tarraleah, with it’s wonderful lookout perched atop Tasmania’s Central Plateau. Shortly afterwards we reach the famous Lake St Clair, on the eastern edge of Tasmania’s World Heritage Wilderness Area. It’s the deepest lake in Australia, so soak in the scenery and enjoy the peacefulness of lunch by the lake side (you might even see a platypus :-)

    From here we begin a drive through the stunning Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. The incredible views from Donaghy’s Hill stretch in all directions. Walking to the top, you’ll see the quartzite peak of Frenchmans Cap, and the iconic Franklin River winds its way through the valley below.

    Overnight - Jump Holiday House @ Tullah


    Day 2

    • Montezuma Falls (Tasmania's tallest waterfall)
    • Strahan
    • Henty Dunes (sand dune jumping!)

    An action packed day today in the heart of Tassie’s wild West Coast. First up we hit the walking track to Montezuma Falls - Tasmania’s highest waterfall. The track winds its way through lush rainforest, following the route of an old railway.

    The beautiful fishing town of Strahan is our lunch stop today - take the opportunity to immerse yourself in the history of what was once one of the most remote outposts of the British Empire.

    Just north of here are the massive Henty Dunes - climb to the top for a wonderful view across the Southern Ocean and a great Jumping experience! Below lies Ocean Beach,  Tasmania’s longest. The waves crashing on this beach last touched land on the other side of the world.

    Overnight - Jump Holiday House @ Tullah


    Day 3

    • Cradle Mountain
    • Sheffield
    • Honey & Salmon Tasting
    • Launceston

    You’ve got a number of walking options, from the easy jaunt around Dove Lake to the spectacular hike to the top of Marion’s Lookout - don’t forget to watch for the wombats, and Tasmanian devils that thrive in this part of the world!

    After Cradle it’s time for lunch in the “Town of Murals” - Sheffield! As the host of a major annual art competition, many of the buildings have large scale artworks on their sides. Look out for the alpaca man!

    After lunch it’s time to tantalise the taste buds - there are over 50 different honey’s to try at the Chudleigh Honey Farm! Stay gourmet as we cruise along to 41 Degrees South Aquaculture and try their delicious hot smoked salmon.


    Departs: Hobart 

    May to NovemberMonday mornings

    December to April: Monday & Wednesday mornings


    Standard tour finishes in Launceston at 5:00pm. Guests can choose an optional return Hobart transfer which costs $40 POB and arrives on the same evening at 8pm.

    • 예약전 웹사이트 상단 T&C 메뉴를 클릭하셔서 웹사이트 예약방법 안내 및 환불 변경 폴리시를 필수 체크해주세요. 
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