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멜번시티에서 2시간 거리, 해마를 볼 수 있는 어메이징한 기회


스쿠버다이빙 자격증, 경험 필요없습니다. 초보자들도 조인 가능한 체험 스쿠버다이빙 데이투어입니다. 

프로페셔널한 스쿠버다이빙 강사들이 처음부터 끝까지 안내해주니 걱정마세요.



멜번 근교 해마 스쿠버다이빙

  • Location : 3755 Point Nepean Road,Portsea, VIC, 3944, Australia
    Times : Start 8.45am


    Adventure Details

    • Session 1: Learn the basic theory behind scuba diving in the comfort of a classroom environment.

    • Session 2: Now we move to the Bayplay pool blowing bubbles in shallow water allowing a comfortable transition to the underwater world. Here we introduce the skills necessary to maximize safety and comfort for the amazing dive ahead.

    • Session 3: It's time to meet the marine life! Visit the Weedy Sea Dragon Colony or Octopus and Seahorse garden. This you will never forget!


    Tour Times
    8.45am to 5.00pm Daily!


    What to Bring 
    Bathers, Towel, and Sunscreen.


    Equipment hire & air fill, Scuba dive theory session, pool session and an ocean dive to the Weedy Sea Dragon Colony or the Seahorse Garden.


    Participant Conditions: 
    Participants need to be aged 12 and above. You will need to have basic swimming skills. Some medical conditions might prevent guests from diving: Individuals with Asthma, Heart condition, Epilepsy, High Blood Pressure, Chronic Bronchitis or Sinus Conditions, History of Blackouts, Recurrent Ear Problems or Ear Surgery, Diabetes, Pneumothorax (Collapsed Lung), Brain or Nervous Disorder, or a Recent Major Operation will need to be assessed by a Dive Doctor prior to joining. Dive doctor list available on


    Important Notes 
    Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start time.


    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How old do you need to be?

    The minimum age is 13. We do offer a Pool only dive adventure for children called a Bubblemaker which covers basic theory and provides children them the opportunity to have a dive experience in the pool. With all diving participants under 18 years of age, a parent or legal guardian must be available to sign the paperwork.


    2. Do you need to have dived before?

    We cater for people who haven't even snorkeled before! All skills required will be taught on the day of the activity.


    3. How many can do it?

    The group ratio is 4 divers to 1 Instructor or 6 divers to an Instructor with a Divemaster assisting. Ratios are set to maximize diver safety, comfort and enjoyment. Groups are more than welcome and are broken into the correct ratios for the pool and dive component.


    5. Do I need to be able to swim?

    It is preferable to have some basic confidence in the water. A one on one dive can be arranged for those with a fear of water/swimming/claustrophobia.  If we find that you are not confident on the day and tiem permits, we will provide a one on one dive with the instructor at the end of the group session.


    6. Is it cold?

    Scuba Diving wetsuits and hoods are supplied providing warmth to all participants.


    7. Is all the gear provided?

    Yes, all required equipment and materials are supplied.


    8. Are meals available?

    Time is made available for a a meal break. Please be sure to bring money to purchase from the local shops or a packed lunch.


    Why Learn with Bayplay PADI Dive Resort?

    Bayplay PADI Dive Resort boasts its own on-site facilities including a theory training room and a three-tiered scuba dive training pool. Bayplay Dive Resort adheres to the highest of standards. Safety is paramount as is reflected in Bayplay Dive Resort's accreditation by the Better Business Tourism Accreditation Program. We are a 3-time winner of the Victorian Tourism Awards for Adventure Tourism, in 2005, 2006 and 2007. Our dive team is PADI qualified and pride themselves on comprehensive marine education covering marine life encountered.

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