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모닝턴패닌슐라 베이크루즈 2시간
런치 & 맥주테이스팅
Arthurs Seat Eagle 곤돌라티켓 


이 모든 것이 포함된 모닝턴패닌슐라 풀데이투어


Operates: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday

모닝턴 패닌슐라 베이크루즈 & 맥주공장 풀데이투어

  • [ Highlights ]

    • Explore the natural wonders of the Mornington Peninsula 
    • Take a stroll along Millionaires walk
    • 2 Hour bay sail including regional produce hamper
    • Soar through the sky on Arthurs Seat Eagle
    • Visit the colourful beach boxes on the Mornington Peninsula


    [ What's included ]

    • National Park fees
    • 2 hour bay sail including regional produce hamper
    • Beer paddle tasting
    • Ride on Arthurs Seat Eagle
    • Roundtrip transport to and from selected pickup location’s
    • Friendly and knowledgeable local guide


    London Bridge - A wonderous structure and a marvel of nature, you’ll find ‘The’ London Bridge set upon the pristine Portsea Beach.
    This unique rock formation is a local attraction not to be missed and a sight to be gazed upon.

    Lunch bay sail - Savour the moment as we sail upon the bay, enjoy a regional produce hamper lunch on-board the ferry and observe some of the most serene bay views that the coastline has to offer.
    * 크루즈 위에서 즐기는 런치 포함

    St. Andrews Brewery - This craft brewery set amongst the beauty of the Mornington Peninsulas was once a world-class horse training facility. Here we’ll join the locals for a beer paddle tasting and the opportunity to watch the brewers crafting and pouring great brews right from their stable doors.
    * 로컬브루어리 방문 & 맥주 테이스팅 포함


    Arthurs Seat Eagle - Onboard a state-of-the-art gondola, we’ll fly over the state forest to the highest point of the Mornington Peninsula. The only problem being, you’ll be torn between looking at the breathtaking view across the bay to the city or spotting the wildlife as you soar high above the trees.
    * 곤돌라티켓포함


    Peninsula Bathing Boxes - Found on beaches from Mount Eliza and Dromana to Rosebud and Portsea along the coast of the Mornington Peninsula, these iconic bathing boxes are a local attraction frequented by all. These renowned beaches where the bathing boxes are located are set upon the colourful back drop of the crystal blue ocean and a coastline to die for. A scene that is definitely Instagram-worth. No Filter Needed!  

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