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헬기로 빙산을 올라서 - 빙하 트래킹 후 - 핫풀로 마무리하는 완벽한 투어 !

프란츠조셉 빙하트래킹을 가장 모험심있게 즐길 수 있는 투어입니다.

헬리콥터로 상공에서 빙하뷰도 감상하고 전문가이드와 함께 빙하트래킹 후 추워진 몸을 녹여줄 따뜻한 스파도 포함인 아주 합리적인 투어랍니다 :)


남섬의 북쪽라인을 돌아보는 렌트카 / 뚜벅이 여행자들 (알파인트레인도 함께 체험가능) 에게 강추!


매일출발 / 소그룹자리이므로 예약이 힘들어요 충분한 예약시간을 가지세요 !


프렌즈요셉 빙하트랙킹 헬기로올라가서 온천으로끝

AU$459.00 일반가
  • After an exciting scenic flight, you land high up on the glacier and undertake a three hour guided tour amongst some of the most pristine and awe-inspiring glacier scenery available. Your guide chooses the route as you go and with an eye for the most spectacular ice formations you'll soon be making your way through a wonderland of towering pinnacles and brilliantly blue ice.


    You'll enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and with plenty of photo opportunities and the chance to learn more about this magnificent glacier, this will almost certainly be your most memorable experience whilst in New Zealand.


    Our Heli hike includes entry into the fabulous Glacier Hot Pools!


    Check in (Summer): 8.15am, 9.00am, 10.40am, 11.25pm and 12.15pm

    Check in (Winter): 9.00am, 10.40am and 11.25am


    Max 11 people per guide

    Minimum age: 12 years

    Difficulty: Moderate

    Duration up to 4hrs
    Ice time up to 3hrs


    Breathable Rain Jacket
    Waterproof over-trousers (if required)
    Socks and sturdy boots (or you have the option to wear your own hiking boots)
    Crampons (with small waist bag) for superior glacier grip
    Woollen hats and gloves (if required)


    2-4 warm upper body layers ideally woollen or polypro (not cotton)
    Quick drying trousers or shorts (no jeans)
    Food and drink for the day
    Sunglasses, sunscreen, camera


    What not to bring:
    iPods / MP3 players
    Mobile Phones
    Car / Room Keys



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