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호주에서 취득하는 서핑강사 인스트럭터 3개월 과정

브리즈번 - 바이런베이 - 시드니를 잇는 동부연안 서핑강습 5일투어 후 서핑아카데미 입학



테크니컬 스킬, 해양 교육, 해양안전교육, 피트니스, 오픈워터 레스큐 과정, 어드밴스 응급처치 자격, 

수영스킬, 강사 자격 등 모든 교육을 실시합니다.



5일간의 브리즈번 - 바이런베이 - 시드니 서핑투어

90일간의 모든 숙소와 3끼 식사. 주 5일 서핑레슨 & 피트니스 교육

모든 장비제공

40시간 강사 인턴쉽


[세가지 자격 동시취득]

국제 서핑 1급강사 자격증

시니어 응급처치 자격증

해양안전 서프코치어워드



* 레비 1000불 별도 
** 시드니/브리즈번/바이런베이 매주 월요일 출발



3개월 마스터 서핑인스트럭터 국제강사자격증

AU$8,350.00 일반가
  • MEET YOUR MOJO GUIDE AT - Sydney at 6:45am from Bus Bay 8-10 Eddy Av. Mondays.

    DEPART– Byron Bay - Mondays at 10:15am (11:15am during daylight savings) from Main Bus Stop, Jonson St.

    DEPART - Brisbane - Mondays at 8am from Bus Stop 125, Roma Street Station, Ground Floor, outside, opposite QLD Police Headquarters.

    Please note that transport can vary between buses and trains


    Day 1-5: Head to Spot X with the 5 Day Great Aussie Guided Group Adventure. Instead of leaving Spot X on day 5, you will stay and start your Academy program.                                                                                                                                                                        

    Day 6-91: The first two months of the course will focus on improving your technical skills, ocean experience, ocean awareness, and fitness and living the life of a surfer. You’ll be exposed to varying and challenging conditions and learn how to deal with them. During the course we will prepare you to pass all qualifications including; open water rescue, advanced first aid, and your run swim run requirements. Besides the qualifications we’ll also show you how to be an effective attentive instructor, by providing up to 40 hours of practical experience. On your last day head to either Sydney, Byron Bay or Brisbane. 


    18 years and over with basic swimming skills


    Increased surf skills
    Ocean Fitness
    Full accreditation (once passed)


    This is a three month course facilitating the development of the following skills:
    -Practical Development of surf skills from beginner to intermediate
    -Wave selection and specific maneuvers
    -Surf safety knowledge
    -Weather and surf forecasting skills
    -Surf equipment knowledge and application
    -Level 2 instructors to guide you



    • 90 nights dorm style accommodation
    • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day while at the camp
    • Mojosurf 5 Day Great Aussie Adventure
    • Monday - Friday surf lessons, theory & fitness
    • All equipment
    • 2 days off a week to explore the surroundings 
    • 40 hours of required work experience with our surf schools
    • All qualifications
    • Qualified Level 2 surf instructors available to assist and support


    Internatioanlly recognised Level 1 Surf Instructor Qualification
    Senior First Aid
    Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award 

    ***Extra Costs: LOCAL PAYMENT - $1000 - for Statutory Certification & Accreditation to become a Level 1 Surf Instructor**

  • 예약전 웹사이트 상단 T&C 메뉴를 클릭하셔서 웹사이트 예약방법 안내 및 환불 변경 폴리시를 필수 체크해주세요. 

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