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  • Hydro Massage Spa and Wet Sauna  
  • Dreampod  
  • Cryotherapy Chamber  

RIGS 리커버리센터

  • Hyperbaric Chamber

    • 45 Minute Hyperbaric Chamber session
    • Reduces joint and muscle pain
    • Decrease lactic acid
    • Relieves muscles soreness and stiffness
    • Improves strength, endurance
    • Energy and performance
    • Promotes repair, healing and general wellbeing


    Hydro Massage Spa and Wet Sauna 

    • Hot and cold Hydro Therapy magnesium pods
    • Massage spa & wet saunas
    • Helps increase energy
    • Recovery of joints and pains
    • Increases circulation and metabolism
    • Reduces mental stress and calms nerves
    • Lowers blood pressure and assists with sleep
    • Regulate levels of calcium, potassium and sodium
    • Allow approximately 45 minutes for this experience



    1 hour dreampod session
    Stress relief and anti ageing
    Increase magnesium intake
    Release endorphins
    Improves sleep
    Relieves join and muscle pain
    Improves circulation

    Cryotherapy Chamber  
    3 minute Cryotherapy Chamber session

    • Weight and cellulite management
    • Joint and muscle pain
    • Anti-Ageing
    • Boosts energy and releases endorphins
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Faster recovery for athletes or injuries
    • Allow approximately 15 minutes for this experience




    • Open 8am to 9pm Monday - Friday and 8am to 6pm Saturday and Sunday


    • Shop 5, 117 Ashmore Road, Benowa, 4217

    Booking Information

    • Confirmation in the form of a voucher will be received at time of purchase
    • Upon completion of purchase, please print the voucher and present on day of entry
    • Information including contact details is provided on your voucher, please call to confirm your booking
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